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Dad Barred From Bringing Child to Church

Guilfoyle and Wiehl debate the case

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  1. Dave Ramsey on Dealing With Debt

    Personal finance advice from FBN host

  2. Family of Jewish Settlers Massacred in Their Sleep

    Israel approves construction of new homes after murder

  3. Show Trial?

    Lawyer: 9/11 suspects will plead not guilty to attack U.S. policies in court

  4. Progress Made Since '93 Terror Attack?

    Is America doing enough now to prevent next terror attack?

  5. 'Freedom Rock' Tribute Sacred to Veterans

    Artist honors servicemen and women

  6. Controversial Connections

    'The Strategy Room' weighs in on Obama's dubious associations

  7. Terror Plot or 'Dry Run'?

    Investigators searching for answers from Friday's terror scare

  8. How Faith Affects Your Health

    Study finds changing your religion could be harmful

  9. Robot Surgeon Comes to Israel

    Dr. David Samadi brings first robotic surgeon to Israel

  10. School District to Honor Muslim Holiday

    Schools in Cambridge, MA will close for one extra day next year

  11. What's the Issue?

    Why has the decision to build a mosque near Ground Zero caused such an uproar?

  12. What's Your Religious IQ?

    Survey: Americans know little about religions, including their own

  1. Inaugural Oath Flap

    Atheist group challenges swearing in prayer at presidential inauguration

  2. Anti-Gay Remarks From New York Gubernatorial Candidate

    Carl Paladino criticizes gay lifestyle during speech

  3. Paladino on Damage Control

    New York Republican gubernatorial candidate trying to explain himself after controversial comments on gay rights

  4. Holy War on the Horizon?

    Christians, police clash after Egypt church bombing

  5. Responding to the Outrage

    Ahmed Rehab, CAIR's National Strategic Communications Director, joins Alan to respond to the outrage at the planned Islamic community center near Ground Zero

  6. Obama Losing Jewish Support

    'Geraldo at Large' investigates why president's popularity is plunging in Jewish community

  7. Special Needs

    Secret Service asks for additional $9.5 million to protect McCain, Obama

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