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Columbus Day

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  1. Fox Flash: Celebrity Nail Polish Designer


  1. Fighting Words?

    Ron Paul responds to Lindsey Graham's comments

  2. Here We Go Again

    Another U.S. holiday, another North Korea missile test

  3. Paladino on Damage Control

    New York Republican gubernatorial candidate trying to explain himself after controversial comments on gay rights

  4. Brian Kilmeade's SportsBlog: Giants Not So Little

    New York football shifts gears; Patriots' untold story

  5. Fearful of Failure?

    Former Libertarian presidential nominee Bob Barr on Democrats' health care reform bill

  6. FOX Weather Forecast 10/12

    Steve Doocy with today's national weather forecast

  7. 'Twilight' Star on Energy Awareness

    Peter Facinelli shares tips to conserve power