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Best Friends

Helping Man's Best Friend

Dogs affected by BP oil spill find new homes

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  1. Hospital Misidentifies Victims of Fatal Accident

    Relatives of misinformed families react to tragic medical mix-up

  2. Caylee Search Deepens

    FBI interviews family as potential new clues emerge

  3. Best Friends Forever!

    Jon Voight & Brian Kilmeade BFF!

  4. Man's Best Friends

    South Korea to open dog cloning firm

  5. Musician's Murder

    Police seek motive as musician and best friend are gunned down

  6. Drug-hunting Dogs at Home

    Parents turn to man's best friend to search kids for drugs

  7. FOX News Flash: FOX & Friends Edition

    Theater holds special screening for man's best friend

  8. Dogs Critical to Afghan Mission

    Man's best friend helps sniff out explosive devices in the battlefield

  9. Katrina Pets Awaiting Adoption

    Here are a few of the pets rescued after Hurricane Katrina that are still available for adoption at the Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, UT

  10. Rat On Cat On Dog

    Unlikely best friends spotted in Texas

  11. Gingrich Rates Obama's Crisis Management

    Former House speaker on 'Hannity'

  12. 'Killer' Whale Returns to Public Performances

    Tilikum back in SeaWorld shows despite concerns

  1. Man's Best Friend Saves Owner's Life

    Retired military officer pens tribute to heroic pooch

  2. Marines' Best Friend ?

    Bomb-sniffing reinforcements being sent to Afghanistan

  3. Sergeant's Best Friend

    Soldier reunited with hero dog that saved his life in Afghanistan

  4. 'Terrorist's Best Friend'

    Fifth-grader suspended for anti-Obama shirt

  5. Businessman's Best Friend

    One in four businessmen travel with a stuffed animal

  6. Tales From Man's Best Friend

    Taye Diggs helping launch 'The ALPO Real Dogs Eat Meat Handbook'

  7. Magic Touch

    'Waverly Place' wizards on 'FOX & Friends'

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