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Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham on Political Dirty Tricks

Radio host on purported plant at Rand Paul rally

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  1. Would Defunding Planned Parenthood Cost More in Long Run?

    Laura Ingraham on battle over taxpayer-funded abortion provider

  2. The Ingraham Angle: First Lady Politics and NAACP vs. Tea Party

    Laura Ingraham takes on Michelle Obama hitting the campaign trail and the ongoing NAACP-Tea Party conflict

  3. Is Ground Zero Mosque Imam Moderate?

    Laura Ingraham debates CAIR director over Feisal Abdul Rauf

  4. Chicago Controversy

    Laura Ingraham sounds off on Obama Senate seat scandal

  5. Politics and Television

    Laura Ingraham sounds off on Barack Obama's appearance on 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart'

  6. Pummeling Palin

    Laura Ingraham speaks out on the harsh media attacks on Gov. Palin and their effect

  7. GOP Gunning for White House Officials?

    Laura Ingraham weighs in on which White House officials may be Republican targets

  8. Presidential Farewell

    Laura Ingraham analyzes Bush's final primetime address

  9. Pop Quiz

    How much do you know about ANWR? Laura Ingraham takes to the streets to find out

  10. Whitman: Victim of a Political Assassination?

    Laura Ingraham dissects suspicious illegal worker allegations against GOP gubernatorial candidate

  11. More States Debate Collective Bargaining

    Will this start a national debate?

  12. A Growing Clash of Civilizations in America?

    Laura Ingraham's Talking Points: 8/24

  1. Laura Ingraham's Talking Points

    The Fairness farce

  2. Gretchen Carlson and Laura Ingraham Bust a Move

    Pinheads & Patriots: 10/14

  3. Dissecting the Debate

    Laura Ingraham sounds off on the vice presidential war of words

  4. Ingraham on Obama's Address

    Laura Ingraham on best and worst moments of Obama’s State of the Union address

  5. Ingraham's Media Smackdown

    Laura Ingraham slams NBC News on the 'Today' show

  6. The O'Reilly Factor

    Thursday, 8p ET: Son of a "Beach!" Why is Laura Ingraham so angry at Jeb for his Miami meet-up with Obama? She explains!

  7. What's Behind Obama's Rising Poll Numbers?

    Laura Ingraham analyzes president's positive polling

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