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What Is U.S. Policy for Middle East ?

Does President Obama have a plan to deal with multiple Mideast crises?

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  1. Obama Doctrine: Looking to the Past

    How does Libya compare to other conflicts?

  2. Middle East Health Threat

    Dr. Manny gets an update on how the conflicts in the Middle East are effecting the health and medical needs of civilians in the region

  3. Raising Eyebrows

    Not everyone in Washington is happy Vice President-elect Joe Biden has begun a fact-finding trip overseas

  4. Insight into the Muslim Brotherhood

    What role will they play in Egypt’s new government?

  5. Body Count Rises in Middle East Protests

    Protests are turning violent

  6. Seven Years Later: Homeward Bound

    Last U.S. combat forces leave Iraq as part of troop drawdown

  7. U.S. Sending Mixed Messages to Libya ?

    Fox News national security analyst K.T. McFarland on U.S. military involvement in the African nation

  8. Candidate-in-Chief

    How did Barack Obama do on his foreign tour?

  9. Japanese Nuclear Emergency's Impact on Food Supplies

    Nuclear fallout will make thousands of acres of Japanese land uninhabitable

  10. Battlefield Bond: Mom, Daughter Serve in Same Unit

    Courageous kin serve in Kuwait , Iraq

  11. 'The Spirit'

    Dan Lauria talks about his new role in the film 'The Spirit'

  12. Biggest Threat: Unrest in Jordan, Syria, Bahrain or Yemen ?

    Mayhem in Mideast poses challenges to U.S.

  1. Chaos in Middle East Means High Cost for Oil

    Unrest causes dramatic rise in gas prices

  2. Al Qaeda Plot?

    Kuwait arrests suspects in plan to attack U.S. military base

  3. Medal of Freedom Recipients

    President Obama awards citizens with nation's highest civilian honor

  4. Middle East Protests Spread

    Other nations inspired by Tunisia, Egypt

  5. Gridiron Greats

    Former NFL superstars to play against members of military

  6. New Questions About Arab Participation in Libya Mission

    Dr. Walid Phares on Arab League's mixed messages when dealing with Libya

  7. Teen Returns Home After Being Detained in Kuwait

    Teen claims he was tortured while being held

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