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Comparing Libya Unrest to the Bosnia /Kosovo War

Former CIA Director James Woolsey joins us to compare the unrest in Libya to the Bosnia / Kosovo war

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  1. FOX Flashback #10

    Terrible twisters, a celebrity murder case, a war ends, Kosovo liberated, a state funeral and a hall of fame opens

  2. Could Budget Cuts Affect U.S. Military?

    Congress looks at Department of Defense spending

  3. Can NATO Carry Out Libya Operation?

    Sen. McCain on questions facing enforcement of no-fly zone

  4. Journal Editorial Report 7/4

    Look back at biggest cases from high court's term and a judge clears way for convicted terrorist to sue

  5. The Power of Propaganda

    How dangerous is anti-U.S. propaganda being spread through Muslim world?

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    Why Libya and what's next?

  7. Political Rock Star

    Former press secretary Bob Mann comments on his relationship with Sen. Kennedy

  8. Dangerous Precedent

    Judge clears way for convicted terrorist to sue former Bush official

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    Real talents joined by weirdos and wannabes

  10. Why Attack Libya and Not Other Countries?

    Human rights violated in many countries

  11. “Some Kind of Trouble”

    Singer-songwriter James Blunt stops by Live to talk “Some Kind of Trouble”

  12. Tony Blair on 'Hannity'

    Former British prime minister opens up about working with Presidents Bush and Clinton in new book

  1. Around the World: Protests in Kosovo

    Thousands of Albanians protest arrests of former rebels linked to Kosovo War

  2. White Flight

    New Gallup poll shows Obama losing white voters' support

  3. King: 'I'm Going Ahead With the Hearings'

    New York congressman addresses criticism over investigation Muslim radicalization

  4. Rebellion in Libya

    What is the Obama administration's policy on Libya and the current rebellion?

  5. Tennessee Titans

    Fred Thompson weighs in after presidential hopefuls clash in Nashville

  6. Egypt's Uprising

    TJ McCormack and Richard Fowler disect the situation

  7. U.S. Keeping Up With Mideast Turmoil?

    Former State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley on White House response to rapidly spreading unrest

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