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Beck: Dreams of Barack Obama's Father

Did our president's father believe in the American Dream?

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  1. 'In Obama's Hands'

    Part 4: Michael Moore on what will happen if Obama fails to meet expectations

  2. Beck: Obama's Faith

    Why would any American think the president is Muslim?

  3. Dream Vacations

    Several locations around the world won't disappoint for a great time abroad

  4. Sleeping Under The Stars

    Beata Santora, Editor of Condé Nast Traveler, gives a unique look at hotels and resorts from around the world that offer guests the opportunity to sleep outdoors in luxury

  5. Inauguration Countdown

    'Live Desk' panel predicts scene in Washington on January 20

  6. Huckabee: Causing a Stir

    Busy week for 'A Simple Government'

  7. Norm!

    Actor George Wendt talks with Alan about his new book, Drinking with George: A Barstool Professional's Guide to Beer.

  8. 'Saved By A Poem'

    Woman who lost life's savings to Madoff shares her story of recovery

  9. Who Is Wade Rathke?

    What ACORN's founder doesn't want you to know

  10. Beck: Understanding Obama's World View

    Facts about president's upbringing explain a lot

  11. Will 'Birther' Debate End?

    Hawaiian governor wants to put president's birth debate to rest

  12. Town Hall Mania

    Alan talks with Rep. David Scott (D-GA), whose office was defaced with a swastika after a confrontation at a town hall meeting

  1. Holiday Treats

    Dylan Lauren showcases Dylan's Candy Bar in the Strategy Room

  2. Around the World : Plane Crash Kills 14 in Nepal

    Group headed to Mount Everest goes down in heavy rain

  3. 'Smart Power'

    Part 2: Hillary Clinton vows to confront international challenges with mix of diplomacy and defense

  4. Weekly Hit List 02/23

    Investigating the four Americans killed off the coast of Somalia

  5. Ghailani Goes to Trial

    Opening arguments begin October 6 for Tanzanian citizen charged in twin embassy bombings

  6. Global Entrepreneurs

    World Vision helps people throughout the world start their own business

  7. Around the World : Tanker Truck Explosion

    Gasoline truck explodes on highway in Turkey, more than 20 injured

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