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Judith Miller

Judith Miller : Al Qaeda Should Be 'Truly Frustrated'

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists praises U.S. response to possible terror rehearsal

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  1. Failing Grade for Combating Terror

    Chilling bipartisan report points out serious flaw in government's defense against terrorist attacks

  2. Jack Hanna Attacked By Bear

    TV host and zookeeper fends off assault by wild animal while on hiking trip with family

  3. Security Overhaul

    New York City taking new steps to protect hotels after attacks in India

  4. Obama's Afghan Plan

    President vows to 'finish the job'

  5. Miller Time!

    Judy Miller on her recent travels!

  6. Fact or Fiction?

    Report of secret nuke negotiation between IAEA chief and Iran

  7. Attractive Target?

    How vulnerable is the presidential inauguration to an attack?

  8. Honduras Coup

    Will ousted president be allowed to return?

  9. Will Israel Launch Strike Against Iran Nuclear Plant?

    Rogue Islamic republic only two days away from bringing country's first nuclear reactor online

  10. 'Nothing But the Truth'

    Actor Alan Alda on his new movie

  11. Good Choices?

    Panel weighs in on President-elect Obama's picks for his national security team

  12. Could the U.S. Strike Iran?

    Sen. Lieberman says America must do whatever it takes to stop a nuclear weapon

  1. What Next?

    Judith Miller : Unclear if Iranian protesters have the strength to carry on

  2. Media's Coverage of Fort Hood Massacre

    Fair and balanced? Judith Miller finds examples of biased coverage

  3. Defiant Libyan Leader Refusing to Step Down

    Judith Miller says Qaddafi 'will do whatever he needs to do' to stay in power

  4. Miller Time!

    Judith Miller on Iran!

  5. Network of Hezbollah Tunnels Discovered in Lebanon

    Hidden weapons supplied by Syria?

  6. Bias Bash: CIA in Libya?

    Are U.S. agents fighting on Libyan soil?

  7. How Egyptian Crisis Affect U.S., World?

    Panel on Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's prediction that Egyptian outcome will be defeat for U.S.

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