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Judgment Day

Reality Check

Will '2012' make audiences appreciate what they've got?

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  1. Coming Down to Earth

    Is America getting over its 'Obama high?'

  2. Chilling Words From Muslim Student

    College student refuses to condemn Hamas when questioned

  3. Killer Asteroids on Collision Course with Earth?

    Former astronaut weighs in on possible impact

  4. Dumb & Dumber

    Dennis Miller sounds off on his top 10 pinheads of the year

  5. Proof of Vaccine-Autism Link?

    Landmark court decision awards $1.5 million to family claiming vaccine resulted in daughter's autism

  6. Huge Explosion Torches Dozens of Homes Near San Francisco

    At least one dead, several injured after gas line blast rocks Calif. Neighborhood

  7. Poll: Sleeping With 'Jersey Shore' Men

    20% of women surveyed said they would