John Bolton

John Bolton chimes in on McCain's rejection

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton speaks about John McCain and his op-ed being rejected by the New York Times.

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  1. Russia Defies U.S., Helps Iran

    Amb. John Bolton on why Russia is giving green light to launch Iran's first nuclear reactor

  2. Changing Tides?

    John Bolton on plan for top U.S. diplomat to meet with Iran's chief nuclear negotiator

  3. Inching Toward War?

    Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton on rising tensions in the Middle East

  4. Flare-up in Gaza

    Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton and University of Michigan Professor Juan Cole debate the latest crisis in Gaza

  5. China Becoming Military Super Power?

    Former Ambassador John Bolton on Pentagon's upcoming annual report citing growth of Chinese power

  6. Ahmadinejad 'Buries' America

    Amb. John Bolton on Iranian leader's latest insults against U.S. over threats to nuke program

  7. China's Economy Surges

    China's gains, America's debt problems alarms critics

  8. START Treaty Too Easy on Russia?

    Analysts of nuclear arms pact say all Moscow has to do is phase out antiquated missiles

  9. North Korea Threatens to Launch 'Sacred War'

    Regime responds to South Korea's military exercises near border

  10. Election Watch Heats Up in Iowa for Republicans

    GOP hopefuls to attend forum to showcase conservatism

  11. Is Iran Three Years Away From a Nuclear Bomb?

    Former Amb. John Bolton on nuke threat from rogue nation

  12. A Need for Discretion in Egypt

    Should the conversations between Obama and Mubarak been kept quiet?

  1. John Bolton

    Part 2: Former U.S. ambassador breaks down Mideast chaos

  2. Fmr. U.N. Ambassador John Bolton on 'Red Eye'

    Bolton dishes on Obama's address, Gitmo and national security

  3. Political Steering Committee to Oversee Libyan No-Fly Zone?

    Amb. John Bolton weighs in

  4. Syria Vying for Seat on U.N. Human Rights Council

    Amb. John Bolton weighs in

  5. Loophole in Proposed U.N. Sanctions?

    Amb. John Bolton sees danger in United Nations' draft resolution

  6. 'Devaluing the Prize'

    Fmr. U.N. Ambassador John Bolton says Obama's Nobel Peace Prize is 'fundamentally a political message'

  7. Controversy as U.S. Admits Human Rights Shortcomings

    Amb. John Bolton on first U.S. report to United Nations Human Rights Council

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