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Unemployment Benefits a Deterrent to Search for Work?

Critics say jobless aid only hurts job searchers' motivation

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  1. Question Time, Part 1

    President Obama on health of U.S. economy , administration's approach to Iran, importance of bipartisanship

  2. Changing the Conversation

    All-Star panel weighs in on Democrats' campaign strategy

  3. Mixed News on Jobs Front

    Employment report is encouraging, but to many insufficient

  4. What's Holding Up the Economy ?

    Top White House economic adviser says high unemployment rate will continue for some time

  5. Double Digits

    Is stimulus spending curbing rising unemployment ?

  6. Sen. Tom Coburn on 'FNS'

    'Dr. No' talks debt and taxes

  7. Gloomy Job Report

    Economy unexpectedly shed 95,000 jobs in September due to widespread government layoffs; unemployment stays at 9.6 pct

  8. Money and the Ballot Box

    All-Star panel discusses economy's impact on midterm elections

  9. Unemployment Numbers Add Fuel to GOP Fire

    Disappointing report further energizes Republicans

  10. Bulls & Bears: Refund the Stimulus?

    President admits 'shovel-ready' jobs don't exist

  11. Waste of Money?

    Rhode Island governor on whether $600 million worker subsidy will help create jobs

  12. It's the Economy , Stupid

    All-Star panel on this year's big election issue

  1. Evidence the Economy Is Shrinking?

    What new unemployment numbers reveal about job market

  2. Economic Roundtable Pt. 1

    Leaders from world of business, politics discuss where the economy stands

  3. 'It Is Disappointing'

    White House economic adviser reacts to latest unemployment numbers

  4. President Pledges 'Singular Focus' on Economy

    Obama says the next two years will be all about recovery, but wasn't that already at the top of his to-do list?

  5. Is America Creating Jobs ?

    Because You Asked: Fox Business Network's Eric Bolling weighs in

  6. Political Timing of Bad Jobs Numbers

    How will the last report before the election impact the results?

  7. Cashin' In: Food for Thought

    Pelosi: Food stamps, jobless benefits create jobs

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