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On the Job Hunt

Fox News correspondents across the U.S. will explore new opportunities and challenges people face as they head to work or search for new jobs.

On the Job Hunt : Painting Planes

Mergers in the airline industry create new opportunities

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  1. Invitation in the Mail?

    On the Job Hunt : Key business groups left out of jobs summit

  2. Washington 'Insourcing'

    On the Job Hunt : Debate over private jobs returning to government

  3. Shifting Positions

    On the Job Hunt : Kia plant helps town; Boeing takes jobs from unions

  4. 'Great News'

    On the Job Hunt : Louisiana governor on new employment opportunities

  5. 'Veterans Make Terrific Employees'

    On the Job Hunt : Job fair targets Iraq and Afghanistan war vets

  6. 'Moo Milk'

    On the Job Hunt : Organic milk farmers band together to survive

  7. Working the Slopes

    On the Job Hunt : Ski resorts open to local workers; Tie company keeps employees busy

  8. Shifting Positions

    On the Job Hunt : Communities compete for work; Construction business on the rise

  9. Hiring in Droves

    On the Job Hunt : Debt collection business booming during recession

  10. Woman Make Ends Meet as Dog Trainer

    On the Job Hunt : Woman finds success as a dog trainer after losing job in real estate

  11. Pop-up Stores

    On the Job Hunt : Growing trend this holiday season

  1. On The Job Hunt

    Oil boom spurs rush in West

  2. Lawyers on Loan

    On the Job Hunt : Law firms placing new hires at non-profits

  3. Hitting the Road

    On the Job Hunt : RV industry making a comeback after slump

  4. Max Tax?

    On the Job Hunt : U.S. corporate tax rate discourages job creation?

  5. Who's Still Hiring?

    On the Job Hunt : Recession-proof industries looking for applicants

  6. Where Are the Jobs?

    On the Job Hunt : House Minority Leader Boehner says stimulus failed to help unemployed

  7. Misleading Data

    On the Job Hunt : How has stimulus really helped the unemployed?

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