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Women's Rights

Infringing on Women's Rights ?

Alan confronts anti-abortion activist Dr. Allen Unruh for defending a new S.D. law requiring women to wait 3 days to undergo a legal abortion

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  1. Geraldine Ferraro Laid to Rest

    Political heavyweights pay last respects at funeral

  2. Raising Awareness

    Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey joins Alan to address several of the gay issues facing society today

  3. Attacks On Conservative Women

    Why are verbal assulats on right-wing females given a blind eye?

  4. Necessary Evil?

    All-Star panel debates 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

  5. On the Record

    Thursday, 10p ET: Laura Bush On the Record! A special look into her fight for women's rights in Afghanistan.

  6. Is Obama Focused on Crises at Hand?

    Panelists debate over president's ability to be present in the face of calamities around the world

  7. Sharia Law in the United States?

    Is it compatible with the American legal system?

  8. 'The Stoning of Soraya M'

    Stars, director of new movie based on tragic true story talk about violence in Iran

  9. 'The Stoning of Soraya M.'

    Controversial film exposes brutal life of Iranian women

  10. Honor Killings in America

    One woman is leading charge against gender-based violence

  11. Fight Girls

    Fight Game, Round 1: Kim Couture and Julie Kedzie on future on women's MMA

  12. 'Model Jurist'

    New York Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand introduce Judge Sotomayor

  1. Tainted Rights

    U.S. student studying women's rights held in Iranian prison

  2. Naked Protest

    Artist strips for women's rights

  3. Domestic Violence in Latin America

    Murders on the rise against women in the region

  4. Bush's ' Foundation for Lasting Peace'

    Former President George W. Bush discusses the importance of ensuring Afghan women's economic opportunity and freedom

  5. Future of Women in the Middle East

    With revolutions in several countries, what’s their role?

  6. Bahrain's Unfolding Unrest

    Guy Benson and Janice Handler weigh in on what is next in the Middle East

  7. Jerry Brown in Hot Water for 'Whore' Comment

    Gubernatorial candidate's camp calls opponent Meg Whitman a derogatory name in voicemail

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