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Voter Suppression

Rick Davis on 'FNS'

McCain campaign manager on whether GOP presidential nominee can mount one more remarkable comeback

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    Questions raised about new White House program

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    Mike Huckabee discusses the looming health care battle and his new Christmas book

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    Civil rights activist gives Greta his mea culpa for Obama remarks

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    Can the Justice Department make sure we get a fair and free election?

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    Man who served time for Election Day phone-jamming scheme pens book on voter fraud

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    Do poll watchers maintain voter integrity or intimidate voters?

  5. ACORN Fires Back

    Voter registration group accused of fraud and being in bed with Democrats is now pointing finger at McCain

  6. Poll Watching

    What impact will massive legal effort have on the election?

  7. Voter Fraud Fears

    Monitoring the election and preventing voter fraud