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Separation Of Church And State

A Liberal Gene?

UC San Diego Genetics Professor James H. Fowler talks with Alan about his new study that suggests we may predisposed to certain political views

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  1. The One Thing: 5/18

    Why Obama is merging the EPA with churches

  2. Goodbye!

    Freedom from Religion President Annie Laurie Gaylor hangs up on Gibson

  3. Inaugural Oath Flap

    Atheist group challenges swearing in prayer at presidential inauguration

  4. Beck: Why the Mideast Matters

    Is the Obama administration fundamentally transforming our relationship with Israel?

  5. 'Real American Success Story'

    Sen. Ben Cardin praises Sotomayor's accomplishments

  6. Tax Dollars Used to Fund Trip Promoting Religion?

    Because You Asked: Jordan Sekulow from the American Center for Law and Justice responds

  7. Media Misleading America on Mosque?

    Analysis of coverage of Ground Zero controversy

  8. Christmas Crunched?

    Traditional bible reading removed from town's celebrations

  9. Reaction to Commission's Decision

    Panel reacts to the latest news on plans to build mosque near Ground Zero

  10. Poll: 1 in 5 Americans Believe Obama Is a Muslim

    Should new findings worry White House?

  11. Disconnect Between Elites and Regular Folks

    Dick Morris on religious tolerance hypocrisy over Ground Zero mosque

  12. War on Christmas

    Why are so many folks offended by a holiday that brings joy to millions?

  1. Controversy Over Planned Military Concert

    Is Fort Bragg Christian concert an unconstitutional gathering?

  2. Church May Lose Tax Exempt Status Over Pastor's Political Comment

    National watchdog group goes after Oklahoma church

  3. Plate Debate

    Do religious license plates disregard separation of church and state ?

  4. Giuliani Talks Ground Zero Mosque

    Former NYC mayor sounds off on controversy

  5. The Obama Chronicles

    What did Barack Obama accomplish as a community organizer in Chicago?

  6. The One Thing: 5/19

    Why is Anthony Weiner going after Beck?

  7. Request Denied

    Air Force bans flyover at Christian festival

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