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Roadblocks to the Right -to -Work Bill

State Rep. Jerry Torr, (R-Ind.), on the obstacles to the right - to - work bill he sponsored in the Indiana legislature.

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  1. What Indiana's 'right to work' bill means for Obama, Big Labor and the U.S.

    Indiana is poised to become the first right to work state in America’s industrial heartland.As Joe Biden might say, this is a “xo###@@#” big deal.In yet another sign...

  2. Michigan Democrats Oppose Right -to -Work Ads to Boost Jobs

    Former NLRB Chair Peter Schaumber on Michigan’s efforts to promote its right to work status to attract businesses.

  3. Unions prepare for protests, legal challenges over 'right-to-work' push

    Union members and supporters are gearing up for a massive protest Tuesday in Michigan's capital in a last-ditch effort to stall the expected passage of "right-to-wor...

  4. Maine House considers right -to -work , dues bills

    The Maine House is due to take up a pair of anti-union bills, one to make Maine a right-to-work state and the other to bar public employees from deducting union dues...

  5. After 70 years, right -to -work impact still unclear

    The battle over the right-to-work issue may be reaching a conclusion in Indiana as the state prepares to adopt its law, but the argument over exactly what the measur...

  6. Indiana joins right -to -work ranks, gov. signs bill

    Indiana became the Rust Belt's first right-to-work state Wednesday in a move that is sure to embolden advocates seeking to curtail union rights across the country. B...

  7. AFL-CIO: Right -to -work not right for Michigan

    Union fight over new legislation

  8. Gov. Snyder: Right -to -work is about 'freedom' for workers

    Michigan governor talks to O'Reilly about state's right - to - work vote

  9. Indiana’s Right -to -Work Rumble

    Indiana’s Speaker of the House Brian Bosma on the impact of the right - to - work legislation.

  10. Obama slams Michigan Republicans over union bill ahead of protests, votes

    President Obama on Monday slammed Michigan Republicans for their rapid push to pass "right-to-work" legislation, joining other Democrats who were making a last-ditch...

  11. Pension Fights Spreads Across America

    Mark Mix of the National Right to Work Committee discusses Ohio's efforts to reform pension legislation.

  12. Video: Walker explains divide, conquer strategy

    Newly released documentary film footage shows embattled Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker shortly after his election describing a "divide and conquer" strategy for taking ...

  1. Virginia lawmakers try to enshrine right -to -work law in state Constitution

    As Americans everywhere celebrate work by taking a day off from it, the future of worker freedom in the Old Dominion isn't set in stone. And some Virginia lawmakers ...

  2. Obama Blasts Michigan Right -to -Work Bill

    CivicForumPac Chairman Ford O’Connell on Michigan’s new right - to - work bill on jobs and the economy in the state.

  3. Will Michigan Become the Next Right -to -Work State ?

    Mackinac Center for Public Policy Director of Labor Policy Vincent Vernuccio on efforts to make Michigan the next right - to - work state and what it means for the state’s economy and residents.

  4. Right -to -work law sparks union uproar in Michigan

    Governor Rick Snyder on state's new legislation

  5. Michigan Democrat 'disgusted' by right -to -work law

    State Senator Glenn Anderson: This is a very dark and damaging time for the state

  6. New Hampshire About to Become Next Right -to -Work State

    State Rep. William O'Brien, (R-New Hampshire), on the New Hampshire Senate passing a bill to curtail union rights.

  7. Indiana governor signs right -to -work bill

    Against a backdrop of loud opposition from protesters, Indiana has become the first Rust Belt state to enact the right-to-work labor law prohibiting labor contracts ...

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