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Republicans in Wisconsin Proceed Without Democrats

Republicans vote removes bargaining rights from public workers

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  1. Should collective bargaining be an option?

    Problems in Wisconsin heat up as the union dipute continues

  2. Film Analyzes Education System Failures

    'Waiting for Superman' attacks teachers, unions for failures

  3. Jack Welch's Take

    Former GE CEO on whether 'spreading the wealth' sinks small business

  4. Governors Seek to Get States Back on Track

    State leaders move forward with plans to cut spending and deal with unions riots

  5. Bowles: 'Simplify Tax Code, Rates Will Go Down'

    Former debt commission co-chairs on earmark battle, budget cuts, taxes

  6. Budget Tensions Rise in Indiana

    GOP raises fines on Democrats who left in protest

  7. The Journal Editorial Report: 03/26/11

    The Journal Editorial Report: 03/26/11

  8. Hits & Misses: 3/26

    Indiana Democrats still in hiding, Obama refuses to make an apology, judge nixes Google Books deal

  9. George Allen Announces 2012 Senate Bid

    Former Virginia senator to run for his old seat

  10. Greta Live Wire: 7/8

    Go behind the scenes as Greta prepares for Wednesday's 'On the Record'

  11. Report: Democrats, Unions Ramping Up for 2012 Obama Ad Blitz

    Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty on Democrats, unions, Obama in 2012

  12. Is Ohio the Next Union Battleground?

    Gov. John Kasich on brewing battle over state workers

  1. Dem Flight in Indiana

    Author of union bill in 'Hoosier State' has message for Dems who have chosen to flee instead of voting

  2. Fight Over Unions Reaches Indiana

    State Democrats flee to avoid vote on anti - union bill

  3. States Take on Unions

    Lawmaker wants Missouri to ban mandatory union dues

  4. Wisconsin Protests Fueling Debates in Other States

    As many as nine more Republican governors reportedly working to make changes to union rules

  5. A Business-like Approach to Florida's Woes

    Governor-elect Rick Scott outlines plan to create more jobs, combat fraud and waste and more in Sunshine State

  6. Shifting Positions

    On the Job Hunt: Kia plant helps town; Boeing takes jobs from unions

  7. Outrage in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin State Senator Bob Jauch (D) joins Alan to express his outrage at the Senate Republicans for cutting collective bargaining rights.

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