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Right to Vote

Troops Denied Right to Vote ?

NY state admits to violating military voting rights act

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    Control of Congress at stake as polls open across the country

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    John Stossel takes the audience questions.

  3. Should the U.S. Enforce a Regime Change in Libya?

    Libyan rebels set cease-fire terms

  4. More Than Just Candidates on Ballot

    From legalizing marijuana to rejecting Obamacare, voters will decide key ballot initiatives

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    Can shareholders make their voices heard?

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    Make the government hear your voice

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    Florida focus group discusses President Obama's job so far

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    Judge Napolitano looks at the Civil War and Gilded Age for Fox Nation

  9. Rep. Peter King on Obama's Mosque Comments

    Critics blast president's remarks on 'Ground Zero mosque'

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    Exclusive: Palin reacts to media blame game

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    Learn how to register voters using these helpful tips.

  12. Rev. Jackson: 'People Are Going to Fight Back' 2

    Civil rights activist weighs in on Wisconsin union standoff, budget vote

  1. DOJ Violating Military's Right to Vote ?

    New concerns surround overseas troops' ability to have say in elections

  2. Give Felons the Right to Vote ?

    John Stossel breaks down the arguments for and against

  3. Take Away Students' Right to Vote ?

    Bill would prevent students from voting in their college town

  4. Gary Sinise on Military Voting Controversy

    Actor and outspoken troops advocate weighs in on accusations that DOJ is stalling on law to protect soldiers' rights

  5. No Vote for You

    Many felons in Alabama won't be able to cast their ballots due to ambiguous voting law

  6. Department of Justice Playing Politics?

    Is DOJ helping states ignore The Move Act?

  7. Uncounted Votes?

    Senator Cornyn wants to make sure government does all it can to count ballots of overseas military personnel

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