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Recession Over

Recession Is Over !

Really? Karl Rove disputes claims about the economy

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  1. Economic Roundtable Pt. 1

    Leaders from world of business, politics discuss where the economy stands

  2. Downhill Digits

    New FOX opinion polls take pulse of Americans on the country's top issues

  3. Drowning in Debt

    Report: By 2011, 48 percents of U.S. mortgages could be underwater

  4. Still No New Ideas or Vision from the GOP?

    Democrats respond to Boehner's call for Obama to fire his economic team

  5. Obama's Proposed Tax Cut for Businesses

    President hopes that giving a break to small business owners will help spur job creation

  6. Democrats in the Doghouse

    Loose lips of two high-profile liberals causing major party headaches

  7. The Closer

    Obama's sitting pretty in the polls, but can he finish strong on Election Day?

  8. After the Show Show: 8/12

    'Special Report' panel on whether President Obama has been knocked 'off-message' on health care

  1. Financial Indicators

    Does good news on Wall Street mean the recession is over or close to it?

  2. Political Timing of Bad Jobs Numbers

    How will the last report before the election impact the results?

  3. Welcome, 112th Congress

    Fox News' Griff Jenkins visits freshmen lawmakers

  4. Listening to America

    American voters discuss recession, buying American, trusting Washington

  5. President Obama, Where Are the Jobs?

    Karl Rove on how the poor economy will hurt Obama and Democrats in the midterms

  6. Tax Breaks to Companies Shifting Jobs Overseas?

    America's Asking: 'Happening Now' panel answers your employment questions

  7. Stopped in Its Tracks?

    Auto bailout bill takes a major hit