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Bristol: More Than a 'Dancing' Queen

Palin's daughter on her upcoming speech at a Right to Life banquet and surviving another week on 'Dancing With the Stars'

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  1. Right Prescription?

    Canadian physician on government-run health care

  2. Beck: Divine Destiny

    Exploring the principles and values of America

  3. Right to Laugh

    Evan Sayet hosts night of conservative comedy

  4. Bueller?

    The one and only, Ben Stein!

  5. This Makes Sense

    Rancher in big trouble for trying to keep illegal immigrants off his land

  6. 'One Whooping Lousy Bill'

    Sen. Hatch rips into Democrats' health care agenda

  7. Controversial Invocation

    Why did Obama pick Rick Warren to participate in his Inauguration?

  8. Faking Military Medals No Longer a Crime

    Judge rules law criminalizing faking war honors unconstitutional

  9. 'Smart Power'

    Part 2: Hillary Clinton vows to confront international challenges with mix of diplomacy and defense

  10. 'Whistle Stop' Kickoff

    President-elect Obama addresses the crowd before 'Whistle Stop Tour'

  11. Bad Medicine

    Former Sen. Rick Santorum on Obama's dwindling health care support and 2012 rumors

  12. Dangerous Debate?

    Lanny Davis says Obama's stance against Iraq troop surge will only hurt him

  1. A Texas-Sized Abortion Debate

    Should a sonogram be required for an abortion ?

  2. Part 1: Santorum, Sharpton Clash Over Race, Abortion

    Former Pennsylvania senator defends criticism of President Obama's stance on abortion

  3. Huckabee: Midterms Good News for Obama?

    Gov. Mike Huckabee joins Tom to discuss the midterm results and how it will impact Obama's agenda...

  4. Texas Shootout

    Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison on why she decided to run for governor of Texas

  5. The Journal Editorial Report: 11/14

    Looking back at Fort Hood and ahead to 9/11 trial

  6. Whole New Ball Game?

    How will the financial crisis impact the presidential race? 'The Live Desk' panel debates

  7. Speaking Out

    Concerned father confronts congressman on health care reform, receives threats

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