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The Culture of Poverty

Here's Life Inner City on homelessness and poverty in the U.S.

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  1. White House Using Scare Tactics in Spending Cut Fight?

    USAID head: GOP budget will kill 70,000 children

  2. 2012 Contender?

    Alan talks with Mike Huckabee about some recent comments he made and a possible 2012 run for president.

  3. Ohio Union Worker: Middle Class Under Attack

    AFSCME regional director says Gov. Kasich can't balance the budget on the backs of public workers

  4. Eruption in Egypt

    Dr. Ragui Sadek discusses Egypt's protests and what issues they face

  5. Huckabee: Causing a Stir

    Busy week for 'A Simple Government'

  6. The 'Pacman' Cometh!

    Our own Griff Jenkins goes toe-to-toe with boxing champion/Filipino congressman Manny Pacquiao

  7. Be Quick About It!

    Listeners have their say in one sentence or less

  8. A Trickle-Up Economy?

    Rev. Jesse Jackson tells Alan why he’s calling for 'a radical reordering of our economy.'

  9. The Journal Editorial Report: 02/19

    Wisconsin standoff a preview of things to come?

  10. Helping the Less Fortunate in Africa

    Find out how one New Yorker is giving back to kids far away from home

  11. Where Are the Looters?

    How the Japanese react to tragedy, chaos

  12. Standing Ovation for Political Theater?

    Panel on where health care stands

  1. Somali Pirate Sentenced for Attack on U.S. Flagged Ship

    Judge sentences pirate to 33 years in prison

  2. Egypt: A Country in Chaos

    How did things spiral out of control in Egypt?

  3. Race Relations Declining in America

    Why has the racial divide gotten worse since Obama was elected president?

  4. Celebrity Tweeting for Good Cause

    TwitChange's innovative way of raising money to educate women in poverty

  5. Online Game Simulates Being Homeless

    Players experience what living in poverty is like

  6. Sunflower Children

    Supermodel Helena Houdova fights global poverty

  7. Outrage Grows Over Potential Welfare Reform

    FBN host John Stossel on GOP plan to push welfare recipients to work more

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