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Planned Parenthood

Would Defunding Planned Parenthood Cost More in Long Run?

Laura Ingraham on battle over taxpayer-funded abortion provider

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  1. Pence: Senate Dems 'Out of Touch' on Spending

    GOP congressman responds to Sen. Reid defending government spending

  2. Power Play: Government Shutdown Still Looming

    Will Republicans and Democrats close in on a deal?

  3. Can GOP Use Power of Purse to Defund Obamacare?

    Rep. Pence on vote to take away funds for health care overhaul

  4. Dissention Within Republican Ranks?

    Will infighting derail GOP budget plan?

  5. Impasse on Capitol Hill

    Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on spending cuts

  6. Budget Extension Approved... Again

    Senate votes on three-week measure to avoid government shutdown

  7. Battle Lines Drawn Over Budget Cuts

    Lawmakers talk program spending and government shutdown

  8. Saturday's Halftime Report

    TV's Andy Levy puts the 'ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' ombudsman

  9. House Passes Spending Cut Bill

    Bill took until early morning to pass

  10. Charles Krauthammer vs. NPR's Nina Totenberg

    Heated debate over taxpayer money funding controversial media outlet

  11. Lawmakers Battle over Amendment to Defund Health Care

    Republicans propose plan to cut spending

  12. Deja Vu for Potential Government Shutdown

    Lawmakers don't want another budget extension

  1. Beck: Exposing Planned Parenthood , Part 1

    Pro-life activist documents abortion provider's violations

  2. House Votes to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding

    Vote prompts one congresswoman to reveal she had an abortion

  3. Beck: Exposing Planned Parenthood , Part 2

    Pro-life activist documents abortion provider's violations

  4. Illegal to Pray in Public?

    Exclusive: Student arrested for praying outside Planned Parenthood facility

  5. Undercover Operation

    Planned Parenthood not reporting rape?

  6. Congresswoman Reveals She Had Abortion

    Debate over Planned Parenthood funding gets personal

  7. Infringing on Women's Rights?

    Alan confronts anti-abortion activist Dr. Allen Unruh for defending a new S.D. law requiring women to wait 3 days to undergo a legal abortion

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