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Democrats running from the Obama 'recovery'?

Strategists urge vulnerable candidates to avoid talking about the economy

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  1. Unrelenting Obama jabs at Romney's job record

    An unrelenting President Barack Obama jabbed at Mitt Romney's record with a private equity firm in an ad Saturday that aimed to keep his rival on the defensive just ...

  2. Outsourcing Targeted in 2004 Campaign

    "Outsourcing" has become part of the presidential campaign lexicon this season as the parties argue over the lackluster job growth during President Bush's term in of...

  3. Does Round One of Presidential Debates Go to Romney?

    FBN’s Gerri Willis on how Romney did in the Presidential debate.

  4. Fact Check: Tax break for shipping jobs overseas ? Well, sort of

    "No idea what you're talking about." That was Mitt Romney's retort when President Obama repeated the claim during Wednesday's debate that companies are exploiting a ...

  5. Romney, Obama, Duke it Out Over Outsourcing

    Economist Peter Morici on the misleading information in the campaign debate over outsourcing American jobs.

  6. Labor Dept.: Outsourcing Smaller Than Thought

    While many American workers fear the prospect of seeing their jobs shipped overseas, a new government report indicates that few layoffs can be blamed directly on wor...

  7. Sending Jobs Overseas ? The Truth About the Obama/Romney Controversy


  8. The truth about the Obama/Romney outsourcing controversy

    Talking Points 7/16

  9. Considering Employee Leasing? What You Need to Know About Using a PEO

    Hiring an employee is a huge commitment for any company. Whether an employer is looking to fill a part-time or full-time position, there are quite a few time and mon...

  10. The challenges facing U.S. manufacturing

    ‘American Made Movie’ Producer Vincent Vittorio on what is needed to boost U.S. manufacturing growth.

  11. Cisco Rival Arista Networks Files For IPO

    Arista Networks Inc, which makes network switches for large data centers, filed for an initial public offering on Monday, the latest in a string of cloud computing f...

  12. Economists Defuse Outsourcing Angst

    Some U.S. corporations are sending jobs — including high-tech  information technology ( search ) jobs — overseas, but at least one economist says the effort to remai...

  1. A Solution to the “Made in America” Dilemma

    Of all the things I’ve been wrong about over the years, there are two I’ll probably never live down.The first is that I didn’t think Howard Schultz could come back t...

  2. Offshoring to blame for GM’s recalls?

    Kelley Blue Book Executive Editorial Director Jack Nerad on General Motors’ recall delay scandal.

  3. IBM 1Q EPS Matches Views, Sales Light

    Technology giant IBM (NYSE: IBM), struggling to adjust to an ongoing slide in hardware sales, reported mixed first-quarter earnings on Wednesday, missing expectation...

  4. Hired!

    A new study by Pew found that 3 in 10 mothers with kids under 18 are staying home, but it’s not by choice -- it’s because they can’t find work!In fact, in 2012, 6% o...

  5. Romney camp fights claims of shipping jobs overseas

    The Obama and Romney campaigns cranked up their fight Sunday over claims that the Republican presidential candidate's former company helped fuel a wave of outsourcin...

  6. AdWatch: Obama ad says Romney sent jobs overseas

    TITLE: "Swiss Bank Account"LENGTH: 30 seconds.AIRING: In the battleground states of Virginia, Ohio and Iowa.KEY IMAGES: The ad opens with the words, "Over the top, e...

  7. French Tech Workers: No E-Mails After 6

    French workers already have a 35-hour work week, five vacation weeks a year, and now, some aren’t allowed to be contacted by their employer after 6:00pm.A new deal h...

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