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Middle Class

Have Middle Class Taxes Already Gone Up?

Supporters say Obama's new budget proposal will protect the middle class from tax hikes, but is that the case?

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  1. Snatching Defeat From Jaws of Victory?

    Middle class tax-cut issue backfiring on Democrats

  2. Sen. Lieberman: Extend All Bush Tax Cuts

    Connecticut senator won't support White House push to extend tax cuts just for middle class

  3. 'It's Going to Hurt'

    What does Obama's proposed tax plan mean for the middle class ?

  4. Bias Bash: Midwest and Mideast

    Any similarities between Wisconsin and Egypt?

  5. The Stossel Post Show - 10.14.10

    John Stossel takes YOUR questions.

  6. Next Step for Democratic Party

    DNC press secretary on party's goals past Election Day

  7. Rep. Meek's Sunshine State Fight

    Democratic nominee for Florida Senate seat on economy's impact on midterm election

  8. Wis. Union Battle: What's at Stake for Firefighters?

    Why are firefighters, who are exempt under Gov. Walker's proposal, opposed to the bill?

  9. Republicans in Wisconsin Proceed Without Democrats

    Republicans vote removes bargaining rights from public workers

  10. Panel Plus: 10/17

    'Fox News Sunday' panel discusses Democrats' gameplan for the midterm elections

  11. Can Wisconsin Move Forward?

    Gov. Scott Walker responds

  12. Connecticut Gubernatorial Debate, Part 2

    Republican Tom Foley and Democrat Dan Malloy face off

  1. Ohio Union Worker: Middle Class Under Attack

    AFSCME regional director says Gov. Kasich can't balance the budget on the backs of public workers

  2. Anti-Union, Anti-Middle Class Bill?

    Indiana workers protest lawmakers proposal

  3. AWOL Wisconsin Democrat: 'Battle for the Middle Class'

    Jon Erpenbach on Democrats' plan to return to the state

  4. Focus on Middle Class

    Indiana Senator Even Bayh defends Obama's tax plan

  5. Tax Hit Ahead For Middle Class ?

    Jeri Thompson on new congressional report showing most Americans could soon face tax hike

  6. Dems Split Over Permanent Middle Class Tax

    Extending tax cuts not on Harry Reid's 'priority' list

  7. N.J. Gubernatorial Debate, Pt. 5

    Candidates tackle state mandates on mammograms, assisting the middle - class , government corruption, transparency

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