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Life Imprisonment

Life Without Parole for Lending Car to a Friend

Ryan Holle convicted of first degree murder for crime he didn't commit

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  1. Primetime Exclusive

    D.C. sniper's ex-wife speaks out about living with a murderer

  2. Outrageous Ruling

    Judge: Abortion laws protect teen who hired man to kill unborn child

  3. JetBlue Passenger Disputes Attendant's Story

    Steven Slater's version of events comes under question

  1. Weighing in on the Death Penalty

    Expert on capital punishment testifies before the judiciary committee on death penalty and torture killing of Petit family

  2. The Future of the Death Penalty

    Expert on the death penalty and the torture killing of the Petit family.

  3. Charles Grodin on 'Justice With Judge Jeanine'

    Actor voices long-held opposition to felony murder law

  4. Unwelcome Guest

    Minuteman Project founder on Harvard group rescinding their speaking invitation to him

  5. 'This Is a Nightmare'

    Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa describes past attempt on his life

  6. Chilling Threat

    Convicted murderer threatens to hurt judge's family on sentencing day

  7. Death Penalty Plea?

    Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and other 9/11 suspects ask to confess in Gitmo