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Jobs Report

September's Somber Job News

Thousands of jobs lost in private sector

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  1. 'Strategy Room' Newsbreak

    Courtney Friel delivers headlines from the "Strategy Room'

  2. New Economic Numbers Good News?

    White House touts most recent jobs report as positive sign, however critics say there are still many Americans struggling

  3. Are You Satisfied With Your Job?

    Global survey reveals how people feel about their current employment situation

  4. Midday Market Report: 4/1

    March jobs report offers some good news

  5. Good News!

    How do the 'good' jobs numbers add up?

  6. Rove: 'They Think the American People Are So Stupid'

    Karl Rove says Democrats attacking him to distract from jobs situation

  7. Obama Reads the Writing on the Wall

    President confronts dismal jobs report

  8. Labor Pains!

    Peter Morici on the jobs report !

  9. Brewers Introduce Beer Stimulus Plan

    Brewery owners want fair opportunity

  10. Midday Market Report: 3/31

    Potential successor to Warren Buffett unexpectedly resigns

  11. Biz Headlines: 3/30

    Wednesday business wrap-up

  12. Today’s Market News: U.S. Continues to Lend

    As the U.S. deficit continues to grow, will the handouts stop?

  1. Turning Fiction Into Reality

    Beck's Top Story: 6/15

  2. Mixed News on Jobs Front

    Employment report is encouraging, but to many insufficient

  3. January Jobs Report Disappointing

    Millions of Americans remain out of work

  4. Too Little, Too Late?

    Stocks dive despite Senate rescue deal

  5. FOX Week In Review, 6/1/2008

    Race for the White House, Air Force shake-up, airline cutbacks, jobs lost, obits and a studio burns

  6. Breaking News

    Diane Macedo delivers the headlines from the 'Strategy Room'

  7. 2008 Issue

    Obama, McCain respond to some bad news about the U.S. job market

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