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Jobs Bill

A 'Jobs' Bill

House members debate Obama's energy bill

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  1. Momentum for Health Care Reform Repeal?

    How much steam is a Republican plan to repeal Pres. Obama's health care reform law gaining?

  2. President to Focus on Jobs in State of the Union Speech

    Panel weighs in on content of Obama's address

  3. Will Health Care Overhaul Create or Destroy Jobs?

    America's Asking: 'Happening Now' panel weighs in

  4. President to Focus on Investing

    White House economic adviser says Obama will highlight growth in State of the Union

  5. Today’s Market News: Eye on Oil

    Instability in the Middle East keeps the focus on crude prices

  6. The Journal Editoral Report: 1/30

    Will the president's policies help put Americans back to work?

  7. Sen. Gregg: 'This Country Is Headed For Fiscal Calamity'

    New Hampshire senator responds to CBO's latest report and assesses the government's spending

  8. The Trillion Dollar Budget and Jobs

    Breaking down Obama's proposed budget and its effect on job creation

  9. Obama Won No New Friends

    Sen. Jeff Sessions says Obama used some 'sharp and partisan' tones in address

  10. The One Thing: 1/28

    Less mouth, more math: Obama's State of the Union is proof he needs to look at the numbers

  11. Danger of Going Green

    Could cap-and-trade cripple more than a million jobs?

  12. Leftover Funds

    Obama says $700 billion bailout package cheaper than expected

  1. Lawmakers Return to the Hill for Emergency Jobs Bill Vote

    House lawmakers return from recess to vote on $26 billion state bailout bill

  2. Jobs Proposal 'Another Stimulus Package'

    Sen. Barrasso concerned with cost of proposed new jobs bill

  3. Steps Made to Improve Economy

    President Obama signs small business jobs bill

  4. Money Management

    Should remaining stimulus cash be used for targeting jobs bill ?

  5. $26 Billion Bailout Bad for States in Long Run?

    What $26 billion jobs bill means for states, economy

  6. Will Small Business Act Create Jobs?

    Small business owner needs customers, not another loan

  7. Sen. Brown's Sex Abuse Revelation, Part 2

    Massachusetts senator opens up in new memoir

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