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Government Job Creation

Obama to Stress Job Creation in State of the Union

Republican critics fear new spending initiatives

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  1. EPA Takes Aim

    How can the same White House that just held a jobs summit, move to increase regulation and stifle job creation ?

  2. The Trillion Dollar Budget and Jobs

    Breaking down Obama's proposed budget and its effect on job creation

  3. Small Business Asks: Where's the Stimulus?

    Wasn't stimulus package supposed to jumpstart job creation ?

  4. Spending Solution?

    Democrat makes case for job - creation bill

  5. Uncut: Rep. Paul Ryan 'On the Record'

    Chairman of House Budget Committee takes on Wisconsin union protests, cutting government spending and Obama's 'disappointing' budget plan

  6. Sneak Peek of GOP Budget Plan?

    Rep. Paul Ryan gives a glimpse of the Republican budget plan, but is a government shutdown still coming?

  7. Washington 'Insourcing'

    On the Job Hunt: Debate over private jobs returning to government

  8. 'Congress Must Act'

    Pres. Bush on bailout bill's future: Economy is depending on action from the government

  9. Obama Launches Review of Federal Regulations

    Government -wide review aimed at eliminating rules that hinder job growth

  10. Sen. John Thune: Prepping for a 2012 White House Run?

    South Dakota senator sparks rumors with travel schedule and proposal to cut government spending

  11. Gloomy Job Report

    Economy unexpectedly shed 95,000 jobs in September due to widespread government layoffs; unemployment stays at 9.6 pct

  12. Uncut: Rep. Michele Bachmann

    Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on why she's considering running for president in 2012 and sexist double standards in politics

  1. Uncut: Eric Cantor

    House Majority leader on the ongoing budget battle, government extensions, the GOP job creation forum and more

  2. Keep Spending?

    Speaker Pelosi says job creation is more important than rising deficit

  3. Obama's Proposed Tax Cut for Businesses

    President hopes that giving a break to small business owners will help spur job creation

  4. Is Government Holding Back Your Business?

    Rep. Jim Jordan hopes to spur American growth and prosperity

  5. U.S. Out of Economic Hole?

    Chamber of Commerce's Tom Donohue stresses need for job creation

  6. Not-So-Stimulating

    Who's accountable when data about stimulus job creation and recovery is wrong?

  7. Beck's Business Summit

    Real world solutions for job creation

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