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Increasing Inflation

A persistent rise in the price of consumer goods could be leading to inflation

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  1. The I-Word

    Because You Asked: Can we have an economic recovery without inflation ?

  2. 'Silent Tax'

    Dow Jones columnist sees U.S. economy heading down road to inflation

  3. Around the World

    Runaway inflation in Zimbabwe; Komodo dragons squeezed in Indonesia

  4. Today's Market News with Matt McCall

    President of Penn Financial Group gives the latest on the economy

  5. Invisible Recovery?

    Unemployment rate drops, but many Americans still ask where the jobs are

  6. Beck: Japanese Meltdown Looming

    Will quake trigger global economic crisis?

  7. Today's Market News - 3/30

    Market news you need to know

  8. Special Report Online: 3/16

    Is Charles Krauthammer getting 'squishy'?

  9. Today's Market News: 3/24

    Economic stress continues as oil prices increase

  10. Today's Market News: 2/16

    Derek Amey with what you should know about today's market news

  11. Stock Gains Raise Red Flags

    Former UBS chairman Joe Grano on risks of stocks after rapid rise

  12. Today’s Market News: 2/18

    Latest economic news coming from Wall Street and beyond

  1. Inflation , The Dollar and Gold

    Peter Schiff on Looming Crisis

  2. Bulls & Bears: Food Inflation Fears

    Predictions: HSY sweetens 25 percent by year end

  3. Will Green Inflation Cost Taxpayers?

    California scientists overestimate pollution forecast by 340 percent

  4. Midday Market Report: 3/16

    Rise in energy, food costs spark inflation fears

  5. Oil Prices Continue to Rise

    What impact is oil inflation having on our economy?

  6. Fox News Sunday

    Sunday, 6p ET: Increased taxes, decreased jobs and widespread inflation ! Marco Rubio on how to prevent total debt disaster.

  7. Economic Outlook

    Wholesale inflation hits 27-year high, dollar plunges to historic low

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