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Human Trafficking

Slavery in the 21st Century

Global fight to end human trafficking

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  1. Arizona's Immigration Law and Birthright Citizenship: What's Ahead

    Former Clinton scandal Independent Counsel Ken Starr gives insight on the legal odyssey ahead for Arizona's immigration law and the debate over changing the 14th Amendment

  2. Bush at United Nations

    President tells General Assembly terrorism has no place in the modern world

  3. Troops Deployed to CA Border

    1st round of National Guard soldiers sent

  4. The Results Are In

    ACORN's internal inquiry is complete

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  6. Arizona Lawmakers Won't Alter Immigration Law

    State legislators decide not to tweak portions of controversial immigration measure

  7. Behind the Scenes: Enforcing Arizona's Immigration Law

    Fox News' Griff Jenkins gets an up-close look at how police are upholding Arizona's law now that it's in effect

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  9. Why Legalizing Drugs in Mexico Won't Work

    Texas attorney general argues legalizing drugs won't end the violence in Mexico but may only embolden the cartels

  10. Number of Deportations on the Rise

    Obama administration now holds record for deportations

  11. Smuggler's Gulch

    Bulldozers filling in ravine on California-Mexico border to stop trafficking

  1. Hits & Misses: Carlos Alvarez

    Mayor of Miami recalled by angry voters

  2. The One Thing: 10/9

    Why Obama took control of the Census and what it means for you

  3. Beck: From Servitude to Slavery

    How did slavery in America start?

  4. Human Trafficking

    What you didn't see in Greta's interview with State Dept. ambassador

  5. Health Care Fallout: What Now?

    Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on his plan to seek expedited review of Virginia health care suit in U.S. Supreme Court

  6. Sen. McCain: 'Their Policies Have Been a Total Disaster'

    Sen. John McCain takes on Obama administration's rosy outlook on economy's recovery, makes a 'seismic' midterm prediction, addresses brutal violence in Mexico and the 'Palin effect.'

  7. 'Recovering Evangelical'

    Author shares the new face of Evangelical movement