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Human Rights

Human Rights and the Two Presidents

Strong words were exchanged on the subject of human rights between Chinese President Hu Jintao and President Obama

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  1. U.S. One of Worst Human Rights Offenders?

    White House submits historic report to U.N.

  2. China Questions U.S. on Human Rights

    Did the State Dept. apologize to China?

  3. Push for Human Rights During Holiday Season

    Remembering those held in captivity around the world

  4. U.S. China Relations a Tightrope Walk?

    Chinese president side steps human rights issue

  5. Iranian Woman Avoids Stoning Death

    Human rights organizations have increasingly demanded the United Nations take a stronger stand

  6. Greg-alogue: 6/12

    Don't Tase me, bro! Human rights groups up in arms over cops carrying Tasers

  7. Setback for Afghan Women?

    Government closing shelters for abused females

  8. Giving President Credit for Averting Humanitarian Crisis

    Amid Criticism, some praise Obama's actions in Libya

  9. Brutal Attacks on Christian Communities

    Are Christians safe in Iraq, Egypt?

  10. Maternity Leave: To Pay or Not to Pay?

    Report: U.S. behind most countries when it comes to paid leave for new moms

  11. President Obama on Situation in Libya

    Calls use of force against protesters 'outrageous and unacceptable'

  12. Hu Jintao Comes to Washington

    China's president welcomed with full military honors

  1. U.N. Questions U.S. Human Rights Record

    Human Rights Council's push against U.S.

  2. U.S. Slaps Iran With Human Rights Violations

    Travel, economic sanctions leveled against Iran for violation of human rights

  3. Religion and Human Rights in China

    Our panel weighs in on this week’s meeting between Presidents Jintao and Obama

  4. China's Human Rights Violations a Factor?

    Activists protest Chinese president's visit to U.S.

  5. Syria Vying for Seat on U.N. Human Rights Council

    Amb. John Bolton weighs in

  6. Human Rights Concerns Over Immigration Law

    U.N. experts join debate on Arizona's immigration law

  7. Controversy as U.S. Admits Human Rights Shortcomings

    Amb. John Bolton on first U.S. report to United Nations Human Rights Council

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