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Housing Market Crash

Crisis Hits Home for Housing Industry

Shattered Dreams: Grim outlook for movers, realtors and mortgage brokers

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  1. Darkest Hour

    Foreclosure 'angel' helping troubled homeowners

  2. 'We Were Wrong'

    Democratic congressman admits party fault for support of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac. Former Bush adviser Mary Matalin responds

  3. 'Rough Tactics'

    New revelations about Obama and ACORN group. Did the group have a role in financial crisis?

  1. Madoff and Stanford

    Panel compares two men who misled investors

  2. Root of the Problem?

    House committee to examine role of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in U.S. financial crisis

  3. Cashin' In

    Best Buys: Best bargain buys

  4. China Gaining Economic Ground

    Donald Trump on the danger of emerging power potentially overtaking U.S. as most powerful nation

  5. Home Ownership Dream Dashed

    It's Your Land: Residents of low-income housing complex in limbo

  6. End of the American Dream?

    Existing home sales dropped 27 percent in July

  7. What to Do About Fannie and Freddie

    Administration begins to address course of action for mortgage market