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Troubling Data on Homeless Veterans

First in-depth study of problem creates shockwaves

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  1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

    Critics accuse city of Denver of trying to 'get rid' of homeless for Democratic convention

  2. Homeless Church Controversy in New Jersey

    Residents claim house of worship that caters to homeless is putting them at risk

  3. The Culture of Poverty

    Here's Life Inner City on homelessness and poverty in the U.S.

  4. Pastor Goes Homeless

    Man and friend spend 24 hours as homeless person

  5. Driver Runs Down Homeless Man With Car

    Cops search for driver who they believe crashed car into homeless man on purpose, then took off

  6. Tough Times

    Homeless teen struggles to create brighter future

  7. Calling It Quits?

    Milwaukee disbands voter fraud unit

  8. Homeowners vs. 'Motor-Homeless'

    California homeowners, RV dwellers wage battle for space

  9. Volunteers Feed Homeless in Honor of MLK

    In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., hundreds volunteer their time to help the less fortunate

  10. Red Tape Keeps Veterans Homeless

    Vets not getting proper housing assistance in Oregon

  11. Online Game Simulates Being Homeless

    Players experience what living in poverty is like

  12. Ultimate Honor for Ultimate Sacrifice

    On the Job Hunt: Homeless vets make tombstones for troops

  1. Inefficient Help for the Homeless

    It's All Your Money: Report finds billions spent on redundant programs

  2. Teen Philanthropist

    14-year-old boy walks from Tampa to White House to help homeless children

  3. Political Grapevine: 7/30

    Success story in war against homelessness

  4. Homeless Voters

    Who is bussing homeless to Ohio voting stations?

  5. Homeless Haven

    Outreach group gives homeless citizens parking lots to sleep in their cars

  6. Washington D.C. Hypothermia Program

    Providing alternate shelter for homeless people

  7. Michael Oher's Journey From Homelessness to NFL Stardom

    Gridiron great tells story of his struggles, success

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