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Hate Crimes

College Student Faces Hate Crime Charges

NYC Mayor Bloomberg to meet slashed Muslim taxi driver

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  1. Distaste for the GOP

    Former Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) tells Alan why he thinks newly elected Republicans may be plummeting in the polls.

  2. Perez Hilton Responds to Rutgers Suicide Tragedy

    Celebrity blogger helping bring attention to gay bullying

  3. Anti-Gay Remarks From New York Gubernatorial Candidate

    Carl Paladino criticizes gay lifestyle during speech

  4. Deadly Anti-Gay Beating

    Teenager beaten to death at a birthday party

  5. Perez Hilton on Rutgers Suicide Tragedy

    Does the internet help or hurt teens?

  6. Talking Points: 7/24

    Barack Obama speaks to the world

  7. Slashed Cabbie to Meet NYC Mayor

    Muslim cab driver recovering from attack

  8. Morbid Display

    Hanging Palin effigy angers neighbors and prompts visit from the feds

  9. Hannity's America: 10/8

    Retaliation for the 'Valley Hope Forgot'

  10. Freedom Watch: 7/1

    Part 1 of 4

  11. Case for 'Ground Zero Mosque'

    Reverend Degraff explains support for Cordoba House

  12. Legislating Values?

    Alan confronts Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern on her claim that the recession was caused by "debauchery" like gay marriage.

  1. Ann Says...

    Ann Coulter on hate crimes

  2. Hate Crime ?

    Were liberals church shooter's target? WIVK news radio anchor Channing Smith fills us in

  3. Bias Charges in Student Suicide?

    Teen's suicide shows gaps in cyber-bullying protection

  4. All the President's Medals

    A closer look at Obama's Presidential Medal of Freedom winners

  5. Matchmaking for Racists

    Alan confronts neo-Nazi April Gaede, who recently began marketing herself as a 'White Nationalist matchmaker'

  6. Suspect in Serial Stabbings in Custody

    Man detained trying to board flight

  7. Thugs Brutally Beat Man While Shouting Anti-Gay Slurs

    NYC cops trying to track down two men responsible for vicious attack

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