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Gulf Oil Cleanup

Gulf Oil Spill Update

Adm. Thad Allen has latest on oil clean - up operations

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  1. Struggle to Stop Oil Spill

    BP officials try to use chemicals to fight spill

  2. BP's Negative P.R.

    Oil company's CEO under fire for comments concerning spill

  3. BP Replaces Gaffe-Prone CEO

    Tony Hayward replaced as BP's CEO while cleanup crews have trouble finding oil

  4. Timeline of Disaster

    Senators challenge Obama administration's actions before and after the Gulf oil spill

  1. 'Waterworld' Solution to Gulf Oil Slick?

    Actor Kevin Costner finances device to separate oil from water

  2. Browner: 'We're Not Going Anywhere'

    White House Energy and Climate adviser addresses Gulf oil clean - up concerns

  3. Falling on BP's Deaf Ears

    British Petroleum ignoring offers to help clean up Gulf oil spill?

  4. Where Did All the Oil Go?

    Oil dissipates on surface but concerns remain 100 days after disaster

  5. Oil Dissipates on the Surface

    Concern over effects of dispersants

  6. New Phase of Oil Cleanup in Gulf Spill

    BP's new boss calls for a 'scaleback' in cleanup efforts

  7. Florida Senate Race Getting Messy?

    Marco Rubio on Gulf oil spill fears and whether he and Crist will split vote and clear way for Democrat