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Government Spending

Republicans Fired Up Over Spending Showdown

GOP leaders talk tough on budget cuts

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  1. Whose Words Worked?

    Frank Luntz weighs in on who won the Obama-McCain debate

  2. Pawlenty: Ponzi on the Potomac

    Minnesota governor blasts Washington spending habits, nation's debt

  3. President Obama and Government Spending

    Talking Points: 2/14

  4. Don't Touch My Slice of Government Spending Pie?

    Polls: Voters disagree on spending cuts

  5. Uncut: Rep. Paul Ryan 'On the Record'

    Chairman of House Budget Committee takes on Wisconsin union protests, cutting government spending and Obama's 'disappointing' budget plan

  6. Pence: Senate Dems 'Out of Touch' on Spending

    GOP congressman responds to Sen. Reid defending government spending

  7. Udall: 'We Have Got to Pay Down Our Debt'

    Colorado senator on battle over government spending bill

  8. Lawmakers Expecting Raucous August Recess

    House and Senate members returning home to anger over government spending

  9. Cash Refund?

    New poll finds Americans would prefer unused stimulus money to be returned to taxpayers instead of government spending it

  10. Party Problem

    Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey on why GOP is still struggling despite Americans' angst over government spending

  11. Beck: Words Matter

    What's the difference between 'investing' in America and more government spending ?

  12. Prescription for Truth

    Where is the government spending our money?

  1. Second Countdown to Shutdown?

    Sen. Jon Kyl on the Senate rejecting spending bills from both GOP and Dems, the possibility of government shutdown, and the deficit

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  3. Failure to Lead on Hard Budget Choices?

    Sen. Jon Kyl takes on Pres. Obama's proposed budget plan, its criticism and the debt commission's recommendations

  4. Under the Radar?

    Democrats using Sotomayor hearings to sneak through tax hikes?

  5. Sen. McConnell, Rep. Boehner on 'FNS'

    Top Republicans in Congress in first joint interview

  6. Dueling Job Summits

    Does the GOP have a better solution for creating jobs than Obama?

  7. Question Time, Part 1

    President Obama on health of U.S. economy, administration's approach to Iran, importance of bipartisanship

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