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Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown Unavoidable?

Government Shutdown Unavoidable?

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  1. Exclusive Interview With Rience Priebus

    RNC chairman on Obama's budget, stimulus

  2. Congress Back in Session this Week

    Bob Cusack on what we expect in the first weeks of the 112th Congress

  3. Special Report Online: 2/23

    Will there be a government shutdown ?

  4. Battle Lines Drawn Over Budget Cuts

    Lawmakers talk program spending and government shutdown

  5. Sneak Peek of GOP Budget Plan?

    Rep. Paul Ryan gives a glimpse of the Republican budget plan, but is a government shutdown still coming?

  6. Pence: 'Change the Fiscal Destiny of America'

    Indiana congressman on GOP's proposed spending cuts, looming government shutdown

  7. Budget Extension Approved... Again

    Senate votes on three-week measure to avoid government shutdown

  8. Hannity

    Thursday, 9p ET: Will a budget showdown in DC turn into a government shutdown across America? Senator Rand Paul has answers and insight!

  9. Republicans Fired Up Over Spending Showdown

    GOP leaders talk tough on budget cuts

  10. Gasoline Battle Rages in Senate

    Debate over prohibiting EPA regulations on gas emissions

  11. Should D.C. Take a Pay Cut if Government Shuts Down?

    Democratic lawmaker says if Congress and the president can't get the job done, they shouldn't get paid

  12. Government Showdown on Budget Cuts

    Government at standstill over spending cuts

  1. Government Shutdown Approaching?

    Budget battle causes rift between two parties

  2. Is Government Shutdown an Option?

    Deadline gets closer for this possibility

  3. Who Will Americans Hold Responsible for Government Shutdown ?

    Federal agencies make preparations for possible cessation of services

  4. Is the Tea Party to Blame for a Potential Government Shutdown ?

    Rep. Michele Bachmann responds to accusations Tea Party freshman aren't flexible enough, Schumer's comments

  5. Race Against Government Shutdown

    Can Congress resolve budget by April 8?

  6. Threat of Government Shutdown ...Again

    Republicans push for long-term cuts

  7. What's at Stake if Government Shutdown Becomes Reality?

    Lawmakers on vacation while pressing issue looms

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