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Government Shutdown

Udall on the rocks in Colorado

Buzz Cut:Udall on the rocks in Colorado Watch Fox: Netanyahu talks to Bret Baier Hillary: “Women have to support other women” Poll shows danger for Dems in looming Virginia shutdown George Will flies first class on Colbert  UDALL ON THE ROCKS IN COLORADOWhy did incumbent Sen. Mark Udall , D-Colo., take the risky step this week of making his first television ad of the cycle a social issue attack? A new Quinnipiac University poll tells us why. The race, previously considered a safe Democratic retention, is now dead head. Udall, who led all challengers in February, is in a statistical tie with Republican Rep. Cory Gardner . When asked whether Udall should be re-elected, 46 percent of respondents said no and 40 percent said yes. That number was tied at 42 percent two months ago. Udall’s early move to launch a scary spot about abortion reflects a candidate concerned about his political base. Udall leads among women 52 percent to Gardner’s 35 percent, while Gardner leads among men, 53 to 38....

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  1. There is still hope for Democrats in 2014

    Is there any way Democrats can win the 17 seats they need to capture the House majority this November?In one word: Yes.Democrats picked up 8 seats two years ago desp...

  2. Rep. Lankford on the Risk of a Government Shutdown

    Rep. James Lankford, (R-Okla.), on efforts to pass a budget and reduce government spending.

  3. Government Shutdown Averted

    David Hawkings, CQ Roll Call, with news that the government will avoid a shutdown, even for a few hours, due to a spending package vote set for Friday.

  4. Government Shutdown Looms Over Spending Measure

    FBN's Connell McShane on the omnibus spending bill that would fund the government through the end of the fiscal year.

  5. Sen. Ted Cruz Hails Partial Government Shutdown A Success, Says It 'Got People Talking'

    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says this month's partial government shutdown and his key role in it were a success: They got people talking."One of the things we accomplished i...

  6. Could the government shutdown hurt consumer spending?

    FBN’s Tracy Byrnes on the impact of the government shutdown on the economy.

  7. Boston Fed President: Taper unlikely unless data improves

    Boston Federal Reserve President Eric Rosengren on the government shutdown and economy.

  8. Factbox: Fed staff forecasts from FOMC minutes

    The following are the Federal Reserve's staff forecasts as contained in the minutes of recent Federal Open Market Committee meetings:MARCH 18-19 FOMC: Minutes releas...

  9. 9 questions answered: Impact of government shutdown on travelers

    Hitting the road soon?  A possible federal government shutdown could put a serious damper on your travel plans.If the government shuts down on Oct. 1, tourists may e...

  10. As Obama prepares for overseas trip, Asia seeks his assurance in territorial spats

    As President Barack Obama travels through Asia this coming week, he will confront a region that's warily watching the crisis in Ukraine through the prism of its own ...

  11. Impact of an extended government shutdown

    Citi Private Bank Global Chief Strategist Steven Wieting on the impact of the government shutdown and Federal Reserve policy on the markets and economy.

  12. Government Shutdown May Distort Jobs Report

    U.S. job growth likely slowed in October as a partial shutdown of the government delayed hiring and forced some workers to stay home, undermining the economy's fourt...

  1. Obama calls for peaceful end to China-Japan island dispute

    President Obama said Thursday that he wants to see a dispute between China and Japan over islands in the East China Sea resolved peacefully, while affirming that Ame...

  2. George Clooney loses his cool in Vegas

    Michael Tammero takes you inside The FOXLight

  3. Wall Street looks beyond government shutdown

    Liz Peek and Matt McCall analyze market reaction to the government shutdown and what we can expect long term

  4. A government shutdown good for the economy?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the impact on the economy and markets of the last government shutdown .

  5. Did the government shutdown hurt job, economic growth?

    Council of Economic Advisors Chairman Jason Furman on the outlook for job creation.

  6. Government Shutdown : Just How Much Is Your Life About To Change?

    While it may not be the most important function to feel the brunt of the government shutdown, the panda cam at the shuttered National Zoo will go dark. Besides the p...

  7. Obama Issues Government Shutdown Threat

    Anatomy of a Government Shutdown“Of course a shutdown is possible because that's what the Republicans are threatening us with on national TV, Meet the Press or one o...

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