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George Tiller

Guilty Verdict in Abortion Doc Murder

Jury finds Scott Roeder guilty of murder

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    Sarah Palin on SCOTUS nominee Elena Kagan, endorsing Carly Fiorina and women in politics

  2. Confessed Killer Testifies in Own Trial

    Will jury buy man's defense for why he killed late-term abortion doctor?

  1. Roeder Guilty of First Degree Murder

    Jury comes to unanimous decision after less than forty minutes of deliberation to find man guilty of killing high-profile abortion doctor

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    'The Factor' confronts four negligent governors

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    The most outrageous 'Factor' ambushes of 2008

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    Cop killer glorified in California protest

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    Ann Coulter and O'Reilly break down the media reaction to 'Factor' Tiller reports

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    Real estate mogul on running for president in 2012, speaking at CPAC and which of the last four presidents he admires most

  7. Online Attack

    New ad hits Gov. Palin on women's issues