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Fairness Doctrine

Return of the Fairness Doctrine ?

Will the government try to close the mouths of conservative talkers?

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  1. Can't Take the Heat?

    Joe Biden 'answers' a series of tough questions during interview

  2. Beck's Crash Course: Controlling the Message

    Progressive agenda to control the media and opposition

  3. 'A New Civil Rights Fight'

    Phoenix mayor explains his opposition to both Arizona's immigration law and a state boycott

  4. Realignment or Protest Election?

    Do election results represent electorate's shift to the left or referendum on Bush presidency?

  5. Conflicting Signs

    Alan debates Rev. Ken Hutcherson who is outraged that atheists were able to put up a sign at the Capitol in Olympia, Washington

  6. Don Imus

    Radio talk show host on conservatives attacking Governor Palin's credentials

  7. Freedom Watch: 7/1

    Part 1 of 4

  8. The One Thing: 12/2

    What is Obama's long-range plan?

  9. Sarah's Saving Race?

    Ann Coulter says McCain has Governor Palin to thank for keeping him in the run for the White House

  10. Obama's Supreme Court

    How would Barack Obama change the face of the Court?

  11. Fair and Balanced?

    No matter who wins the White House, did 'objective journalism' lose the 2008 election?

  12. We're Watching You

    The most outrageous 'Factor' ambushes of 2008

  1. Fairness Doctrine Fight

    Michael Reagan reacts to liberal push to silence conservative voices

  2. Coming Up on 'Special Report'

    Bret Baier gives you a sneak peek of the next show

  3. Beck: Regulation, Not Legislation

    How the White House is making Congress irrelevant

  4. Charles Krauthammer vs. NPR's Nina Totenberg

    Heated debate over taxpayer money funding controversial media outlet

  5. Laura Ingraham's Talking Points

    The Fairness farce

  6. Silencing the Media?

    Don Imus on whether Obama will squash press criticism if he wins the presidency

  7. Who Is Robert McChesney?

    And how powerful is Free Press?

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