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Losing My Religion

Famed atheist Richard Dawkins joins Alan to discuss his new book supporting the theory of evolution

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  1. Forever Hold Your Peace?

    UAW head says you're insane if you object to the auto bailout and one Michigan mayor agrees

  2. The Great Mystery

    Alan engages famed atheist Richard Dawkins on the ultimate meaning of human existence.

  3. Paul Bettany on Playing Charles Darwin

    Catch up with real-life couple Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly who star in Darwin bio-pic

  4. Greg-alogue: 6/19

    Extinct is forever, even if you're adorable

  1. Evidence for Evolution ?

    Famed atheist Richard Dawkins joins Alan to discuss the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin's 'The Origin of Species'

  2. Man's Best Friends

    South Korea to open dog cloning firm

  3. Does Beauty Determine Your Success?

    We can't help our genes, but new research shows some of them may be helping us more than others

  4. UFC 100: It's Time...!

    FOX Fight Game: UFC super star announcer Bruce Buffer talks art of announcing, UFC trading cards

  5. Best of Miller Time

    A look back at Dennis Miller's most memorable moments of 2008

  6. Miller Time: 11/12

    Dennis Miller reflects on the presidential election

  7. Brains vs. Brawn

    Study: Men with higher IQs have better chances in gene pool