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Economic Growth

The Economy and the Election

If the GOP takes control of Congress, will the party have a plan to spark the economic growth so desperately needed?

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  1. Why Aren't Hourly Wages Going Up?

    President's economic adviser on job growth

  2. Years of Empty Promises

    Rep. Paul Ryan on how both the GOP, Democrats are responsible for the massive national debt, warns drastic measures could be needed in the future

  3. Midday Market Report: 3/14

    Japanese stocks plunge more than 6 percent on the first business day since devastating earthquake and tsunami

  4. China Ramps up Controls against Protestors and Journalists

    Anti-government protests continue in China

  5. Your World

    Wednesday, 4p ET: Meg Whitman's financial fix! Behind the former business mogul's strategy to jump start economic growth in America.

  6. Midday Market Report: 3/30

    Several reports released on the labor front

  7. Midday Market Report: 3/30

    Several reports released on the labor front

  8. Obama’s Disengagement

    Has the president been absent in terms of leadership concerning Libya?

  9. Oil Prices on the Rise

    Rising oil prices hitting pocket books that aren't particularly full

  10. Congress Faces Another Budget Deadline

    Can lawmakers prevent government shutdown?

  11. The Cost of Freedom

    Saturday, 10a ET: Will Obama's tax hike plan stop recovery before it takes off? Plus, why a new mandate on big business could affect YOUR job hunt!

  12. U.S. Out of Economic Hole?

    Chamber of Commerce's Tom Donohue stresses need for job creation

  1. Today’s Market News: Eye on Oil

    Instability in the Middle East keeps the focus on crude prices

  2. Today's Market News: Recovery on the Horizon?

    What's the latest on the current economic condition?

  3. Sneak Peek of GOP Budget Plan?

    Rep. Paul Ryan gives a glimpse of the Republican budget plan, but is a government shutdown still coming?

  4. Is Government Holding Back Your Business?

    Rep. Jim Jordan hopes to spur American growth and prosperity

  5. Can Administration Get Gasoline Prices Down?

    Pressure mounts for Obama to take action

  6. Sunday Alcohol Sales Debate

    Georgia might swap tradition for tax revenues

  7. Potential 2012 GOP Contenders Out in Force

    Six possible nominees show up in Iowa

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