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Economic Depression

Closer Look at Obama's Spending Spree

President's budget to dwarf FDR's Depression -era spending

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  1. Beck: Taxing Times

    White House White Board 'explains' tax plan

  2. Taking Over

    President-elect Obama issues dire warning to Congress to quickly pass his economic rescue plan

  3. Lessons From the Past

    Can FDR's policies help fix the economy?

  4. The One Thing: 1/19

    Hope and change becomes do or die for America

  5. Dollar Disaster?

    Economic guru warns global currency and one-world government could be in our future

  6. Sen. Durbin on 'Fox News Sunday'

    Key Democrat on working with Republican House

  7. Beck: Calvin Coolidge Still Matters

    Why progressives want you to forget about the 30th president

  8. Financial Indicators

    Does good news on Wall Street mean the recession is over or close to it?

  9. Americans Losing Faith in Obama's Economic Abilities

    Polling on president's handing of economy hits new low

  10. 'The Great Depression'

    Study: The number of Americans using antidepressants doubled in only a decade, while the number seeing psychiatrists continued to fall

  11. Financial Forecast

    New labor statistics put economic stimulus package back in focus

  12. Recession Blues

    Report: Economic woes lead to stress, depression and anxiety

  1. Another 'New Deal'?

    Could Barack Obama's economic plan push the U.S. into another Great Depression ?

  2. 'Black Tuesday' Anniversary

    Great Depression survivor Jeno Paulucci says today's troubles aren't even close

  3. FOX Flashback # 1

    U.S. enters WW1, FDR dies, Saddam is toppled, history in space, Charles weds Camilla

  4. 'It Was Unconscionable'

    Senator John McCain criticizes Congress for housing crisis, discusses economy, Burris, Obama

  5. Question Time, Part 1

    President Obama on health of U.S. economy, administration's approach to Iran, importance of bipartisanship

  6. How To Survive Total Economic Collapse

    Survive total economic collapse , using these hints, to preserve and protect

  7. Getting Tough on Iran?

    Will President Obama begin to focus on foreign policy after midterms?

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