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Double Dip Recession

Ten Indicators Predicting No Double -Dip Recession (AAPL, CAT, JPM, BAC, AA, MMM, FDX, BRK-A)

The economy remains in a climate with a very weak recovery.  There is still some good news though.  All of the recent calls for a “double dip recession” grew too loud and are now being somewhat muted.  It really looks as though the chances of a double dip recession are coming down.  There are two key things to reconsider about the next recession coming upon us immediately.  First is that the term “double-dip” actually no longer applies because we have been in recovery mode for too long.  Second, and much more important, is that this recession everyone was so scared about is looking like it won’t be coming to America after all.Is the world suddenly fixed? No. Are there still problems? Very much so. Will unemployment and housing suddenly recover? No. Still, the current barometer is showing that a recession is not yet likely going to come to the United States.  We have broken down ten key factors that signal how we may have luckily avoided the next recession: GDP, stocks, corporate earnin...

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  1. On the Brink of a Double Dip Recession ?

    Investors are wary over the prospect of a Double Dip recession

  2. Secretary Geithner: U.S. has Low Risk of Double -Dip Recession

    WASHINGTON -- Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says the U.S. has a low risk of a double-dip recession.Geithner told ABC News in an interview that will air Sunday ...

  3. What double dip ? Statistical revision shows there was no double dip recession in UK

    Britain's Office for National Statistics says Britain suffered only one recession since the 2008 financial crisis — rather than two.The statistics office rewrote his...

  4. Pawlenty Says Nation Heading for 'Double-Dip' Recession

    Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty predicts the nation is heading for a "double-dip" recession, as a result of too much government money in the economy. Pawlenty, wh...

  5. Double -Dip Recession Possible Without Tax Deal, Obama's Top Economic Aide Warns

    Outgoing White House economic adviser Larry Summers warned Wednesday that failure to pass a new tax cut compromise would significantly raise the risk of a double-dip...

  6. U.S. Economy Not Facing a Double -Dip Recession ?

    Charles Schwab Chief Investment Strategist Liz Ann Sonders on why the U.S. economy is not in a double - dip recession because it never fully recovered from the last recession .

  7. Economists Split on Odds of Double -Dip Recession

    FBN's Rich Edson breaks down the risks of a double - dip recession .

  8. US moving closer to double dip recession ?

    WSJ's Steve Moore on new GDP numbers

  9. Goldman Sachs’ Cohen: Do Not Foresee a Double -Dip Recession

    Goldman Sachs Senior U.S. Investment Strategist Abby Joseph Cohen on concerns about the outlook for the U.S. economy and how improving the educational system will improve the employment rate.

  10. What the Double Dip Recession Will Look Like in 2011

    A Gallup poll taken last month showed that confidence in the economy has fallen to its lowest level since March 2009, which was near the low point of The Great Reces...

  11. Will the Mild Winter Lead to a Double -Dip Recession ?

    Gluskin Sheff Chief Economist David Rosenberg argues the mild weather over the winter is one of the factors that will lead to a double - dip recession .

  12. Double -Dip Recession a Growing Concern?

    FBN's Eric Bolling on mounting fears the economy is headed for a double - dip recession .

  1. Russell Fund Manager Survey: No Double Dip Recession !

    Russell Investments conducts investment fund manager surveys routinely, and there may be some good news for the cautious and timid bulls out there.  In short, Russel...

  2. Double -Dip Recession a Greater Risk Than Inflation?

    IHS Chief Economist Nariman Behravesh argues there is a higher risk of a double - dip recession than of higher inflation.

  3. Is a Double -Dip Recession Still a Risk?

    ETX Capital Sales trader Matthew Brown on the risks of a double - dip recession and the high unemployment rate’s impact on the economy.

  4. Double -Dip Recession on the Way?

    Jeb Bashaw, founder of James E. Bashaw & Co., on the possibility of a double - dip recession and how he is advising his clients on the market volatility.

  5. Risks of Double -Dip Recession Receding?

    Ameriprise Financial Chief Market Strategist David Joy on why the risk of a double - dip recession is declining.

  6. Double -Dip Recession Concerns Overblown?’s Jeff Carter argues despite a slowing economy a double - dip recession is unlikely.

  7. Will Fear Lead the Economy Into Double -Dip Recession ?

    Moody’s Chief Economist John Lonski on the growing risks of a double - dip recession .

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