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Distracted Driving

Doc Dies Driving While Texting

Heidi Montag's surgeon plunges off cliff, dog survives

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  1. Highway Traffic Deaths Down

    Freeway traffic deaths drop to lowest since 1969

  2. Distractology 101

    Driving simulator imitates video game to engage young drivers

  3. Gadgets and Games: 10/08

    Clayton Morris and guests talk Google TV and Windows Phone 7

  4. Keeping the roads safe

    Are DUI checkpoints effective?

  5. How has the Internet Changed Our Brains?

    Gadgets and Games discusses how technology is affecting our productivity

  6. How Information Overload Impacts Your Brain

    Scientists go on vacation to study what happens when you unplug from technology

  7. 'Phone in One Hand, Ticket in the Other'

    New police effort to get drivers to put down their cell phones while driving

  8. Scientists Study Effect of Technology

    Nature may help replenish attention span

  1. Distracted Driving in America

    New report sheds light on the dangerous things drivers do behind the wheel

  2. Wiehl of Justice: Texting While Driving

    Lis Wiehl on legal risks of texting while driving

  3. Question of the Day 8/11

    Strategy Room Question of the Day: Should there be a national ban on texting while driving?

  4. Lifesaving Software

    New technology to stop teens from texting while driving

  5. 'Thumbs Up Pledge'

    'American Idol' Jordin Sparks' new cause

  6. The Jonas Brothers on 'Fox & Friends'

    One of the biggest bands on the planet is heading back to camp

  7. iPhone a Threat to Public Safety?

    Lawmakers call for ban of DUI checkpoint app