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Today's Market News with Matt McCall

President of Penn Financial Group gives the latest on the economy

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  1. Mile-High Mystery

    Part 2: Shepard Smith follows coverage of homemade aircraft thought to be carrying a six-year-old boy

  2. The One Thing: 6/19

    How conspiracy theories are born

  3. Money Man

    Daniel Hannan on the EU and Greece

  4. Current Affairs

    Panel discusses the mounting debt and U.S. relations with Russia

  5. Brace for Impact

    House set to vote on climate change bill

  6. Forbes on FOX

    Informer: Stocks you can trust

  1. Presidential Report Card

    Gov. Huckabee's panel rates Obama's performance

  2. Beck: History's Economic Lessons

    What can we learn from the Depression of 1946 and the Weimar Republic?

  3. Midday Market Report: 10/15

    Retailers ring up more sales than expected

  4. Temperature Check for Health Care Debate

    Republicans want to repeal, Democrats want debate

  5. Beck: Washington Is Addicted to Spending

    Government has completely lost touch with common sense

  6. Signs of Market Crash?

    Should you be worried about another market crash?

  7. 'Remains Conceivable'

    Larimer County sheriff on Heene family's concern that balloon carried away their child; addresses speculation about hoax