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Defense Of Marriage Act

Repeal Defense of Marriage Act ?

Lawmakers introduce Respect for Marriage Act

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    Rep. Barney Frank returns to No Spin Zone to debate Gitmo prisoner abuse pictures

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    Mom charged with child neglect for breastfeeding baby while drunk

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  1. Obama Claims Defense of Marriage Act Is Unconstitutional

    Panel on what president's announcement means

  2. Obama Administration Won't Enforce Defense of Marriage Act

    Justice Department calls ban on gay marriage unconstitutional

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    Bret Baier gives you a sneak peek of the next show

  4. White House Ends Defense of Anti-Gay Marriage Law

    Department of Justice told to stop defending 1996 act which prevents federal government from recognizing same-sex marriage

  5. Potential GOP Presidential Candidates Gather in Iowa

    Big names address Faith and Freedom Coalition

  6. Change in Obama's Public Stance on Gay Marriage

    President abandons legal defense of Defense of Marriage Act

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    Conservative columnist reacts to new polls