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Debt Ceiling

Tim Pawlenty Urges GOP Not to Raise Debt Ceiling

Former governor says Republicans should call Democrats' 'bluff'

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  1. Washington’s Rule Change

    Former Bengals head coach Sam Wyche on debt ceiling hike, new Congress

  2. America's Drowning in Debt

    U.S. deficit is almost at $14.29 trillion limit

  3. Quake Blow to Future of U.S. Nuclear Power?

    Sen. Mitch McConnell responds

  4. Freshmen Senator Returns From Afghanistan

    Sen. Pat Toomey firsthand account

  5. Is Congress Serious About Spending Cuts?

    Reps. Allen West, Connie Mack respond

  6. Reaction to Obama's Call for U.S. Energy Security

    Sen. Lamar Alexander says president's plan is 'ambitious'

  7. Uncut: Lori Montgomery 'On the Record'

    Washington Post reporter and Greta discuss how the U.S. accumulated more than $14 trillion in debt

  8. Libya According to Newt

    Gingrich attempts to clarify stance on Libya, calls Obama's strategy confused

  9. Evan Bayh on Budget Battle

    Fox News contributor talks shutdown showdown

  10. Second Countdown to Shutdown?

    Sen. Jon Kyl on the Senate rejecting spending bills from both GOP and Dems, the possibility of government shutdown, and the deficit

  11. Sessions: Obama's Budget Proposal a 'Defining Moment'

    Why Sen. Sessions believes Obama's budget proposal in February will be a pivotal time in his presidency

  12. Obama Taking Hits from Democrats

    President under fire for lack of action on budget

  1. Battle Lines Being Drawn

    New Republican majority ready to take reins and tackle debt

  2. Should We Raise the Debt Ceiling ?

    With debt rising daily, should we raise the debt ceiling ?

  3. Battle Brewing Over Debt Ceiling

    Will Congress hold the line on deficit spending?

  4. Debt Ceiling Battle Brewing

    Will Congress hold the line on government spending?

  5. Debt Ceiling Limit Looms

    Alan Colmes on standoff over adding to nation's deficit

  6. Democrats Using Debt Ceiling Scare Tactics?

    Former debt commission co-chair Alan Simpson weighs in

  7. Will Congress Hold the Line on Spending?

    New Congress faces debt ceiling debate

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