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Cruelty To Animals

Bold Move

The Wis. Humane Society buys and shuts down a puppy mill. Now more than 1,000 dogs need homes

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  1. Second Chance

    Michael Vick returns to NFL after being signed by Philadelphia Eagles

  2. Egg Supplier Accused of Health Violations

    Troubled chicken farms linked to salmonella outbreak

  3. Across America

    Cattle drive in downtown Kansas City; Billy Ray Cyrus the singer meets tiger named after him

  4. 'I Was Wrong'

    A grateful Michael Vick thanks Philadelphia Eagles organization for second chance, vows to serve community

  5. Fox News Exclusive

    Disturbing video of animal cruelty at Pennsylvania pig farm

  6. Supreme Court Back in Session

    Controversial cases lie ahead for high court and new Justice Elena Kagan

  7. Puppy Lucky to Be Alive

    Man arrested for vicious attack on Bubba the black lab

  8. Time for an Animal Abuse Registry?

    Lawmaker proposes registry to track folks that abuse animals

  9. Vets Rescue Severely Abused Puppy

    Abused dog dropped off at animal shelter

  10. Dog Freezes to Death

    Pet left in backyard cold dies

  11. Disturbing Animal Hoarding Case

    Cops find dozens of dogs and cats living in deplorable conditions

  12. The Great RNC Debate

    Tucker Carlson on Michael Steele's struggle to save his job

  1. Does Vick Deserve President’s Praise?

    Obama gives kudos to Philadelphia Eagles for giving Michael Vick second chance

  2. Preventing Animal Cruelty

    How to protect pets from winters wrath

  3. Cop Charged in Shooting Death of Suspect

    Officer charged with second degree murder

  4. Abused Bolivian Circus Lions Rescued

    Big cats get new home at Colorado wildlife sanctuary

  5. Across America: Lions Arrive in Colorado

    25 lions pass through Denver en route to wildlife sanctuary

  6. Across America: Student Attempts to Blind Classmate

    16-year old girl pours acid over classmate's head during chemistry class to make her lose her sight

  7. Effective Ad?

    Alan gets involved in a heated debate between social advocate Christine O'Donnell and Melissa Karpel of PETA over a recent ad the group put out on teen pregnancy

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