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Clean Air Policy

Power Play: Obama Makes U-Turn on Libya?

Chris Stirewalt with recents developments regarding Qaddafi and Libya

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  1. No Blank Check

    Rep. Carolyn Maloney says auto bailout 'is not a done deal'

  1. Reps. Issa, Upton on 'FNS'

    Key Republican lawmakers talk oversight, Eric Holder

  2. How Can We Lower Gas Prices?

    Senator has plan to simplify gasoline by reducing boutique fuels

  3. EPA Takes Aim

    How can the same White House that just held a jobs summit, move to increase regulation and stifle job creation?

  4. Bigger Fish to Fry?

    Is it the wrong time to be focusing on global warming?

  5. Environmental Crackdown?

    Concerns over EPA saying greenhouse gases are a threat to public health

  6. Regulation Fears

    Climate change skeptics lead charge against government policy that could affect every American

  7. Settled Science?

    Scientists admit tossing raw data supporting climate change