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Class Action Law

Fans Seek Super Bowl Seat Compensation

Class action lawsuit launched against NFL

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  1. The Fix Is In?

    Outrage over outdated scratch-off tickets

  2. Can NFL Avoid a Lockout?

    Football owners and players heading to mediation

  3. Increased Attacks

    FBI warns Congress to strengthen U.S. cybersecurity

  4. Entitlements: Who's Going to Step Up?

    Sascha Burns and TJ McCormack discuss entitlements, social security and more

  5. Supreme Court Smoking Case

    The first case of the 2008-2009 term focuses on a challenge to tobacco giant Philip Morris

  6. Hourly Update

    Get hourly updated headlines from Fox News Channel

  7. Wednesday's Halftime Report

    TV's Andy Levy creates golf resort for kitties

  8. Obama Vetoes Foreclosure Documents Bill

    President sends legislation back to Congress that would make foreclosure process easier

  9. Bank Kicks Military Families Out of Homes

    JP Morgan admits to mistaken foreclosures

  10. Health Scare

    Deadly bacteria on the rise in hospitals across the U.S.

  11. How Much Does Your iPhone Know About You?

    Apple faces lawsuit over users' privacy

  12. Supreme Court Justices Question Wal-Mart Lawsuit

    Jude Napolitano offers legal expertise on gender discrimination case

  1. Pentagon Embroiled in Lawsuit Over Sex Abuse, Rape

    Federal class - action lawsuit accuses the military of ignoring reports of sexual abuse, rape by fellow service members

  2. Sexual Abuse in the Military?

    More than a dozen U.S. veterans who say they experienced abuse by comrades have filed a class - action suit in federal court

  3. Brian Kilmeade's SportsBlog: 'So Pessimistic'

    Why Kilmeade feels NFL lockout is imminent

  4. Jack's Back

    Jack Welch's 3-point plan to fix the stimulus package

  5. BP's Negative P.R.

    Oil company's CEO under fire for comments concerning spill

  6. Mon Dieu!

    Stranded in Paris for 4 days, New York City lawyer files $5 million suit against Delta Airlines

  7. Toyota Winners and Losers

    The Fox Car Report LIVE! panel discusses who’s coming out on top as #1 heads for the bottom

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