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Balanced Budget Amendment

Power Play: Government Shutdown Still Looming

Will Republicans and Democrats close in on a deal?

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  1. Exclusive: Marco Rubio on 'Hannity'

    Florida senator on his new job in D.C., greatest challenge facing the U.S.

  2. How Powerful Is the Tea Party?

    GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul on efforts to energize the conservative base

  3. West, Lee on 'FNS'

    Incoming GOP lawmakers on Tea Party conservatives

  4. Can Congress Mandate a Balanced Budget?

    Tea Party-backed senator on challenges facing Congress

  5. Rep. Blackburn: 'Taxpayers Are Fed Up'

    Deputy minority whip blasts new state bailout bill

  6. America's Drowning in Debt

    U.S. deficit is almost at $14.29 trillion limit

  7. The Real Party of 'No'?

    Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio says tax cut fight reveals which party wants to get things done

  8. Rand Paul Wins Bluegrass State Senate Seat

    Tea Party favorite wins Senate race in Kentucky

  9. Obama Re-Branding Stimulus

    Kentucky senatorial candidate Rand Paul thinks 'jobs bills' are not-so-cleverly disguised

  10. Republicans Propose 'Lock-Box' for Spending Cuts

    GOP serious about cutting spending on the Hill?

  11. One Hispanic Republican Who's Not Wild About Harry

    Senate candidate Marco Rubio responds to Reid's comments about GOP and Latinos

  12. GOP Leaders Promise to Veto Obamacare

    How Republicans are planning to repeal health care law

  1. Roadblock on Long-Term Spending Solution

    Sen. Cornyn weighs in on budget dispute

  2. Do Americans Really Want Massive Spending Cuts?

    Pollster Frank Luntz on how people feel about slashing the budget

  3. Second Countdown to Shutdown?

    Sen. Jon Kyl on the Senate rejecting spending bills from both GOP and Dems, the possibility of government shutdown, and the deficit

  4. Going to Extremes on the Tea Party

    Tea Party member Sen. Mike Lee sounds off on the blame game on the movement

  5. Udall: 'We Have Got to Pay Down Our Debt'

    Colorado senator on battle over government spending bill

  6. Rand Paul Talks Libya, Looming Government Shutdown

    Republican senator on 'Fox & Friends'

  7. Haley Barbour Rates President's Energy Plan

    Mississippi governor responds to Obama's drilling policy

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